Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Good Day

Yesterday was.

1.  I found the Bobble water bottle at J.C.Penney's I wanted, and bought it. It was on sale. It's a water bottle that has its own carbon filter, which means I can now drink the nasty, town water at school (I am even lucky enough to have a sink in my room, so I don't even have to go down the hall to the drinking fountain to refill it).  Now, I don't have to remember to bring water with me to school from our bottled water supply at home (we pay $5.00 per five gallon bottle, because our town water is so full of chlorine and other chemicals that is is undrinkable, as is), nor do I have to buy cases of single-use disposable water bottles that, empty,  litter the landfills. I saw this bottle for the first time a couple weeks ago, thought about it a lot, and then, once I dedided I DID want it, had to wait for payday, and a chance to run to the mall for some other reason besides just that, to pick one up. Now I have one, and I'm excited!  I'm looking forward to drinking water during the day, as a way to help aid my current weight loss plan...  right now, ALL I drink is a ton of coffee during the morning, Diet Pepsi in the afternoon, and a mug of elderberry syrup "tea" before bed.  I am pretty sure water will be good for me, even though I don't especially like it.

2.  I gave blood.  I only started giving blood a couple years ago, when the drive was being held for a close friend's granddaughter. I would do anything to help my friend help her granddaughter - if getting over my fear of giving blood (needles - ick) could help her, then I would do it. I did. THEY helped ME get through it, get over my fear, and I've gotta say, it was a piece of cake. Holy cow is it easy to donate blood. So next time I went, I gave double platelets. That was cool.  And then, for whatever reason, I have no idea why, I haven't donated for more than a year. Yesterday, as I was walking through the mall with my daughter, I saw that there was a Red Cross blood drive going on - and I felt a little twinge of guilt, that I SHOULD stop and give, but,,, it was her birthday, and I didn't want to take up HER time. But then, they ASKED me if I would donate, and my "baby girl" (who turned 15!) said she really didn't mind if I did... so I did. And, it was September 11th, and it made me feel REALLYREALLYREALLY good to donate blood on Patriots Day. And I got a cool Tshirt that says "Do more than remember. Give blood."  Donating blood makes me feel SO good.  I'm going to try to remember to do it every two months, which is the time needed between donations, so I can feel good more often!

3.  I have now lost between 10 and 14 pounds, depending on what date I use as a start date. From my heaviest, it's been 14 pounds. From when I really started TRYING to lose weight, and eating better, I've lost ten pounds. So, really, I only consider it a ten pound loss. And that's not a huge big deal except that a) I've never really been able to lose, or lost, any weight before; this is a first for me, and b) now I know I CAN do it, so I'm a lot more hopeful that I will be ABLE to reach my ultimate goal (shhh - 36 more pounds... I know, it's a LOT of weight to need to lose...) and c) its enough that I can put away the fat pants I bought in June, thinking I was inevitably headed towards that bigger size. They were a LITTLE too big, but comfortable, and the ones I WAS wearing were very UNcomfortable. Now, those are comfortable again, and the bigger ones are really just too big.  Obviously I'm hoping to go down another couple of sizes, but for now... I'll take it.

Yesterday was a good day.


Meg said...
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Meg said...

These are 3 wonderful things! Happy Birthday to S!

Leigh said...

Way to go!!!! I am super proud of you about the giving blood part. Scary!!!! Congrats on the weight loss too. I am having to do a lot of changes as well. Hoping to knock off 15 lbs myself. You can hit your goal. I just know it! :)

Coloradocasters said...

I applaud you immensely! Know that my paranoia of public tap water is immense Lol. It is also so encouraging to hear people giving back to society in any form. Giving blood is one of the more important forms of charitable contributions and literally giving something of yourself. Congratulations and support on the weight loss. Do what you need to do to feel good more often. Know that the world smiles with you.

Kimberlee said...

Kudos on all counts! I'm right there with you in trying to lose weight. I'm farther from my goal than you, so I know the struggle very well. Hang in there and keep chipping away at it. :)