Friday, June 5, 2009

A New Beginning ....I hope!

I hope it is a new beginning. I really enjoy writing, but have neglected this blog so long it is almost embarrassing to start again. And it really didn't get very far on it's first try, but, why not, I guess. I'm a little more motivated, and summer is coming, so a little more time is a given, and I have lots of projects and ideas in the works, and lots of issues and frustrations that it would probably do me good to put down in words (if only so that I can look back and see how they all worked out, because things always do... when you can see the big picture, which I can't right now - Faith?!) I also really like the idea of keeping track of things I am grateful for, on a daily basis. I think that is such a good exercise. There are some days when things seem so bleak that I really have to THINK about what's good - but that's exactly the point. And so, since I really need to go get a few things done today, I'll end with that for right now:

I'm grateful today for:
  • the chance to get away with a friend this weekend and leave all my cares behind for a fun and awesome two days;
  • my chickens in my coop, which are turning out to be a little bit of a pain, but are really a "dream come true" (I have ALWAYS wanted to own chickens, and finally, I do. That really does make me happy);
  • looking forward to getting the Border Collie I have always wanted, also, in a few more weeks.
Rather random, but they work for today!