Friday, May 28, 2010

The Brambleberry Puppy Waits For Me

She waits for me, when I am gone. The minute I go out the door, about twelve feet to the left of this living room window, she runs to her chair, hops up, and watches me go. Whether I am gone 10 minutes to feed the chickens, or an hour, she is there, in the chair, waiting for me to come back in. I know she doesn't spendall  her timewaiting in that chair, but there is great comfort in knowing she loves me enough to watch me go, and enough to hop up and watch me come back in. And whether I'm gone 5 minutes, or 5 hours, the "welcome back!!!" greeting I get from her, and the other three silly mutts, is the most enthusiastic, loud, sloppy-kisses greeting on earth. You would think I was the Queen, come to town. It is, in fact, one reason I need dogs. They love me so unconditionally, and are not afraid to show it.  Maybe I was grouchy to my students at school. Maybe I was short with my children. Maybe I snapped at my husband, or talked about a coworker behind her back. Maybe I am worried, or sad, or preoccupied. Whatever I have done, or however bad I have been, my dogs don't care. Honestly, they just love me. They hate to see me leave, miss me when I'm gone, and are thrilled to the tips of their furry tails when I come home. What's NOT to love about being loved that much and that unconditionally? Why wouldn't EVERYONE have a dog? Do some people really not need that kind of love? Do some people have enough love, so much love, that they don't need more? Not me!  I have lots, but there's always room for dog love. We, here at my house, are a mutual admiration society - I love them, and they love me. Unconditionally. We're good here.


Leigh said...

Awe, So sweet! The pics reminds me of when my daughter started preschool. Every morning she would stand at the window and watch my car pull away, I would look over and she would have goodbye to me.
....also kind of reminds me of when my husband and I would leave the house. Sam our husky mix would jump up on the couch because he knew he wasnt allowed when we were there. Everytime we would leave the couch would be caked with white dog fur. We could never catch him in the act (therefor we couldnt scold him), so one day we set up the video camera and pulled out of the drive way. We went to the end of the road and came back... and sure enough, when we watched the video he jumped on the couch as soon as he heard our truck pull out of the drive.... crazy mutt!haha
We made him watch the video with us! ;). He knew he was busted too!

Callie said...

I miss not having a dog of my own. My daughter's dog has been there for me, but I would like to get a puppy. There is nothing like that unconditional love from you dog. Have a good weekend.

Kimberlee said... really nailed that one. There is nothing like puppy the most literal sense. :) This post just about had me in tears.

Corrie Doggers said...

People think I am crazy because I have dogs 8 of them actually,
I can relate to the Love of them crying and barking when we walk out the door and the excitement of their performances when we return, The kisses and the way they hold their heads onto my chest and look up at me with goo goo eyes, Yes I love my dogs and I know they Love me very Much in return.
My Dogs to Me are Four Legged Children and deserve the attention I would give to my children when they were small,they deserve Respect, Love and Attention and an eternal Devotion as they give to me.