Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kids - Expensive and Priceless

Was that a weekend that I just endured had? I'm not really sure, because it seems like just a few moments ago I was doing the "Yay - it's Friday" happy dance, and suddenly, it is already Sunday evening. I hate Sundays for 40 weeks of the year, because it means the next day is Monday. On the other hand, I seriously love Sundays more than the average person during vacations, because knowing that Sunday DOESN"T mean Monday-work makes Sunday extra great. Anyway, I digress.
Last week was a short week - no school Monday because of Memorial Day, and then I had to take Wednesday and Thursday off because my daughter fell on the steps at work and broke a bone in her hand and had to have surgery Thursday (and pre-surgery stuff on Weds. A two day work week - sweet!

But then, this weekend was PROM weekend. For my youngest, who is only 14.5   Our school is sooooo very small, that the prom is open to everyone in 9-12th grades. If they had the traditional Jr-Sr. Prom, as many schools do, there would not be enough people in attendance. As it is, with all 4 grades, there probably are not more than maybe 100 people. Well, I should remember well enough that the FIRST prom is a Big. Deal. And especially to my youngest, who is VERY girly sometimes. And I'm so not. It's totally difficult for me to relate to the excitement of spending 2 1/2 hours getting your hair, makeup and nails done. And PAYING for it. (I did, on the other hand, spend the 2 1/2 hours waiting, being very productive in grading my papers I am way behind on.) It's very hard for me to relate to spending an evening shopping for shoes, jewelry, makeup, etc.  And putting on fake toenails. My fingers and toes are always in the dirt, and therefore, I keep them short. Very short. And they are usually stained from gardening, cutting berries, etc. I can't be bothered with anything other than shorts or jeans, and a tshirt/sweatshirt, or flip flops. I just HATEHATEHATE dressing up. HATE it.  Haven't worn a dress in literally I don't know how many years. Ugh. Also, I think that because this poor girl is my 4th, I might be winding down a bit in terms of excitement over these things. I have already sent three other kids to prom. Whoopdedoo?  But, I try hard to remind myself that it is not HER fault she was born last, and so I try very hard to fake it! I drove her around to three different places for pictures with friends, came to the Prom Court crowning, etc. and took her to an after prom party at her "date's" house at 11:30.  All in all, the biggest sacrifice this weekend? Sleep. But, as they say, a picture of the girl in her prom dress? Priceless. She was - IS - a beautiful girl, who, most of the time, has a sunny personality to match her good looks and brains. I am lucky she is mine!

She's the one on the far right, in the reddish pink dress. Her date is just a really, really cool friend from school. I love him because he is such a good friend. They had a blast!  And that's what counts. Not that I am grumbly because I was up too late, and up too early to help the broken-handed girl wash her hair. (And PLEASE do NOT ask me about the boy in HER picture. I am trying hard to forget that HE exists!)

Oh, and I DO have two other kids - guess they should at least get a picture of their own?  This dirty, grubby, filthy boy is mine. And that is the way he looks most of the time. He earns that dirt: under cars, working on a farm, fixing engines. The kid is AMAZINGLY talented at working with his hands. The girl with him? One of my younger girl's friends, a neighbor, and on-again, off-again girlfriend of the boy. HE refused to go to prom with her, with anyone. He is as allergic to formal occasions and formal wear as I am.

And this guy? He's the oldest, the 21 year old college senior (I am NOT that old - I do not know how he can be mine. Oh wait, I was 7 when I had him. I keep forgetting that medical miracle...) He's, in the words of one of my friend's son, "A really cool hippy pirate dude"  Which is appropriate, because his biggest goal in life? To either be a pirate, or to own a laid- back restaurant on the beach some day.  Jimmy Buffett rules his world!
And all four of these guys rule mine.  Despite the fact that somehow, because of them, I seem to have misplaced my weekend somewhere. If you find it, could you let me know before too long? I guess there's another one around someplace, though. Oh well.


Leigh said...

Todays Post made me laugh! ;) I know how you feel. I wasnt... still not into those things either.
Medical miracles happen every day! ;)

Meg said...

I love this post! What a crazy, happy (sometimes, sometimes not so much) house of love + laugh.

Savannah looks stunning in that picture. What a gorgeous baby girl. And PUHLEASE, you can fly me up to NY anytime there is girly-ness to be done... shopping, make up, etc and I'll fly you down here to hang out with Buddy. We both know that would be a happy trade.

Hope Cae is healing well. Looks like the ice cream was helping nurse her back to health.

Love seeing pics of the kids. I still pretend they are babies, too.