Monday, May 10, 2010

You Know You're a Dog Lover When...

  • you think your dog is a good kisser
  • your dog has more clothes than you (not me - I do NOT dress up my dogs!)
  • you hang out with your dog instead of friends
  • you only go places your dog is welcome
  • you eat fast food and your dog eats gourmet food
  • you have more pictures of your dog than your family
  • you spend more on your dogs grooming than your own (only in terms of time, for me!)
  • your dog has more toys than your children
  • your dog makes your schedule
These are from a card my sister got for me. I have to add a couple of my own, the first one below that my children actually complain about!
  • when you post more blogs and face book updates about your dogs than your children!
  • when you spend more money on bones for your dog than on coffee for yourself
  • when you can't go to bed too early, because it's not the dog's bedtime yet
  • when you don't really want to go on vacation all that badly, because you can't stand the thought of leaving your dog in a kennel, or having someone incompetent take care of him
  • when you're more tired than someone with a baby, because the baby sleeps through the night, but your dog doesn't
I'm sure there are lots more - let me know if you think of any to add!!


Leigh said...

I think that I can answer "yes, thats me" to almost all of those! LOL

Tara Muise said...

check, check, and thoughts of summer vacation are already consumed with the wonderful vision of my dogs in place where they can run outside!

Murphyfish said...

Hi There,
Had to take a look when I saw your blog title on Leigh's site, And with that list I think that I know exactly where you are coming from, think I'll stick around a while if that's ok?

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Welcome, John. And everyone else. I normally write just for myself, as in, just stuff that is on my mind, but you're ALWAYS welcome to read my babblings!