Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Of Ostriches and Books...

I'll be back, when I'm feeling a bit more "lighthearted" and normal again. Bogged down by terrible worries and concerns. Nothing  that is any big deal at all - it will all work out, as things ALWAYS do. At least I am enough of an optimist to truly KNOW that. They will. But sometimes when your slogging your way through them, it's easier just not to use your energy to do more than you have to, you know? And it's not that I am concerned anyone is missing MY riveting posts - just that I haven't been keeping up with comments on anyone else's posts, and that makes me feel bad. I still am reading, every single day, but it just seems too hard to come up with something witty or caring or genuine to say, and I hate commenting JUST for the sake of commenting. I have some really, really, really good "blog friends" and I just didn't want you to think I had drifted away. Still here. Will be back shortly, after a brief intermission!
In the meantime, my best cure for worrying, after hours spent trying to figure things out, is becoming the proverbial ostrich, sticking my head in the sand and assuming if I can't "see" the things to worry about, then they aren't there, right? And the way I do that best? Read. Read. Read. And then, read some more. I am a voracious reader in the best of times - when I'm REALLY trying to avoid something? It's ALL I do.
Thankfully, I have a GREAT book right now to lose myself in. I highly recommend it. It's called ADA BLACKJACK  A True Story of Survival in the Arctic   by Jennifer Niven.  It's about a group of explorers who went to Wrangell Island, in the Arctic, near Siberia, in 1921, taking this lone Eskimo woman with them as a seamstress, and she, alone, was the only survivor. It is an amazing story. And I need to get back to it.
What is the best book YOU have read lately? 


Kimberlee said...

Wow. I've never read that. I'll have to get it.

I, for one, WILL miss your posts. I don't get to check my favorite spots every day, but do love catching up.

I hope all works itself out in time and I'll keep you in my prayers.

Callie said...

Enjoy reading and your time away from blogging. Hope everything works out well.

I just reread The Deed of Paksenarrion - by Elizabeth Moon. Nice great big thick book! I can spend a lot of time with Paks having adventures.

Meandering Michael said...

I heard about that story (but wasn't aware of the book)! I'll check it out. Thanks!