Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow Day- Like Candy for Teachers! :)

We had a snow day Friday. It came with a "winter storm warning" for so many days ahead that I was sure we WOULDN"T get one. A friend and fellow teacher of mine was so right when she said, "We only get a snow day if the weatherman is WRONG. The more hype, the less snow."  Even in this case, she was right, because we got SOME snow, even a lot of snow, I guess, by this winter's standards, but it didn't all come at once. It was pretty steady snow, on and off, from Thursday through the weekend. But on Friday morning, it wasn't snowing heavily, as predicted, and it wasn't "hurricane strength winds," as also predicted. Yeah, it was a little blowy, but not too bad. All in all, based on what I saw when I let the dogs out at 2 am, I was totally NOT anticipating a snow day. To the point where, by the time the alarm had gone off at 6:10, and then again at 6:20, I was thinking about getting up, showered and dressed for school. The phone rang, and instead of "knowing" it was the snow tree call, I thought,"Oh crud, my dad is back to making those early morning confused phone calls."  I was DOUBLY thrilled then when it actually WAS the call to cancel school. Usually they come before 6 am, so by 20 after 6, it was totally off my mind.  I was pretty excited sounding, sort of like a kid, when I had to make my two calls to further the snow tree.. Those are ALMOST the best kind of snow days. (The BEST best kind are when there's no weather forecast at all and you get one anyways - the pipes burst, the boilers don't work and there's no heat, the electricity went out during the night, too many people are out of school due to the flu, etc. etc. Unfortunately, I can't even remember the last time I had one of those.) But hey, a day off is a day off, so... I tried to go back to sleep, but Bramble will only "sleep" or let me do so, until about 7, once she has gone out when T gets up at 6:20. And I was really pretty much too excited to sleep anyway.  So, sleeping in was not on the agenda, but snoozing later during the day was, along with some crocheting, and lots and lots of watching Bramble and Annie chase each other around the yard. We have a hill of dirt and rocks that we never moved when the yard was dug up for the pool, and I swear they play King (Queen?) of the Hill. They race and race and race around the yard, and then Annie will grab Bramble and throw her down, and then Bramble will slip out from under her, and take off, and come in from behind to grab Annie's leg and pull it out from under her. Their point, once they gain the top of the dirt pile, is to see which one can knock the other one down.   Anyway, I let them out in the snow to watch them do this several times this day, just to let them burn off their energy, and to get some laughs. I can't help but laugh as they race and race and race. And it makes me especially happy that Bramble PLAYS with Annie. My other two dogs, Abai and Willow, are l-a-z-y, and far too dignified to play with Annie. She used to have her brother, Moose, to run and play with, but since Moose was killed accidentally two years ago, Annie has missed having someone to match her husky energy level. I was really hoping when I got Bramble that one of the extra, good, things about her would be her puppy energy level - that SHE would want to play with Annie. And she does. And it makes me smile. Snow day or not, But especially on a snow day.


Callie said...

King of the hill is a great game!
Glad you got a snow day to enjoy!
Snoozing sound like a good plan.
Hope you got some rest!

Allmycke said...

Bramble is a beaty! Your backyard must be great for your dogs... I want - especially the fence around it!

Kimberlee said...

When I read, "by the time the alarm went off at 6:10 and then again at 6:20"...I had to laugh. That's exactly what I do! So glad you had a nice day off. :)