Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Can I Say?

I am a Girlyman freak. A girlyfan. A "Girlyman Girlyfan."

Friday, March 5th, 8 pm
Only 3 hours from home, this time!

Nate is just adorable. Yep, HE'S a freak! Yep, he has sticky up dyed whitish blonde hair, and pink eye makeup. He's gay. And Doris, she's bi. And my favorite, Ty, below, is also gay. Thus, the whole name, Girlyman. And I am a 47 year old heterosexual, monogomous, married-for-22-years-with-4-children, adult. With the hugest, hugest girl crush on Ty, who is way too young for me anyway. But she's SO cute, and she's SO sensitive! But oh my gosh, the music these three people can make. The harmonies. The stories behind the lyrics (Here's one I didn't know til Friday. The song, "Reva Thereafter"  - on their Joyful Sign cd - was written about Nate's grandmother, who was a Psychologist, and who practiced and saw patients up until a week before she died, at age 92. She shot herself at 92.  She was also Gloucester's first female lobster fisherman. How cool is that? Totally makes the lyrics make sense all of a sudden, after all these years.)  Honestly, they could be three headed green vomit spewing extra-terrestrials, but if they still sang like they do now, I'd STILL be making many hour-ed trips to stand in line to be first in the door to their shows.
The picture on the top right, where Nate is holding his hands up. That was their final song, and it is the purely acappello version with three part harmony of "Up to the Sea."  (Click on the Girlyman link, and go to the Everything's Easy cd, find that, and listen - it's not their best song ever, but  just listen for the harmony in it, close your eyes, and picture them standing there, singing their hearts out, just for me. It was AMAZING.
The harmony is also fantastic on the title song, "Everything's Easy." They actually sing in a round, with three totally different parts going. If I knew how to link a Youtube video here, I would do that, so you could just hear it, without having to go find it. But if you have time, go find it. There's also a great song they played on Friday night that is not on any of their cds. It's an old one, St. Stephen's. You can find that on Youtube, also from their recent Cleveland show.
I guess, perhaps in part because I can't carry a tune in a bucket, I am just in love with the sounds they can make. What a gift.

And?  They are coming to a place only an hour from me for an outdoor concert in June, (Livonia) and that means I have 3.5 months to lose three of the extra chins so prominent in my portrait with Ty. Maybe if I lose 50 pounds by June 27th, she'll  return my crush?  Or ask ME for a picture? Yeah, I didn't think so, but a girl can dream, right? I'll try not to post again about them until June 28th, so if you're sick of hearing about them, make sure you skip this place that day!

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Callie said...

I checked out their music on YouTube and find that I like their lyrics, voices and music.

Thanks for posting about them!