Friday, February 19, 2010

Material Girl

So, I've been lusting after a pair of these boots for months, after seeing a tiny pair on the rack outside my classroom door. I thought they were adorable, but I wondered why some little girl was wearing RAIN BOOTS in the winter. Weren't her feet cold? Poor thing. (And she's an absolutely adorable little blondie with pig tails - she's as cute as her boots!) I picked them up, checked them over, then looked them up on line. And I discovered that while they LOOK like rain boots, they are actually rated to be comfy and warm to -40 degrees. While I'm sure they probably don't keep your toes TOASTY at -40, it rarely (EVER? Dont think so) gets that cold here. But I am sick and tired of my feet being wet and cold after hooking the dogs out every morning, and stomping down the snow in the chicken coop when I feed them and collect eggs every morning. And I have barn boots, but they ARE just rain boots. And, they're hard to get on and off. THESE boots have HANDLES. AND, they're f*a*s*h*i*o*n*a*b*l*e! I have pictured myself, every place I've gone for the past month, wearing these boots, and feeling very cool. Very dry, very warm, and really, really cool. Dorky, I know. But cool-dorky. I love that. (I also saw a tshirt at Tractor Supply I have to get to wear with them. It says "Peace, Love, and Tractors." I know, I know, I don't HAVE a tractor. But i want one. That counts, right? AND it matched the boots!)
Anyways, tonight? My husband handed me his credit card and LET ME ORDER THE BOOTS! I know there are a million reasons not to have - I really do. But, I'm also really, really excited. I can't WAIT to get these boots. I can't wait to feed my chickens, and hook out my dogs, and go to school in my really, really cool boots. And my feet will be dry. I'm SO excited.

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Allmycke said...

Neat! Stylish and dry toes at the same time!