Monday, February 8, 2010


It seems that I have forgotten, lately, that despite life's setbacks, I still have much to be grateful for.

The earlier daylight, and the corresponding FEEL the the mornings - just a tiny bit more like spring than winter - and the color of the morning skies have made a positive impact on me when I hook the dogs out to their runs in the mornings. I was grateful that I noticed this morning, and grateful for the way it felt and looked.

Friends who helped me celebrate my birthday at school on Friday, and made it a great day for me with an awesome cake, and some really nice, CHICKENY, gifts. I love how my friends all pay such close attention to my deepest loves, and humor me - a set of beautiful silver measuring spoons with chickens and sunflowers on them, a chicken coffee mug, and my favorite: a shirt that says "Have you hugged your chickens today?" which is really funny, given that I daily DO pick up and hug my chickens!

4 perfect eggs in the coop this afternoon from my 4 perfect chickens. First time since the Aracauna stopped laying in the fall that I've gotten one from her, and first time since last fall that I've gotten one from EACH of them the same day!

That today was a NOTHING day - no early morning sad/angry phonecalls from my dad (though my sister got it at 5:23 am this morning. Thankfully, she forbid my dad from calling me, also, bless her) and no waves made at school today. Today I am thanking GOD for a NOTHING day!

The SLIGHT possibility of a snowstorm coming on Wednesday. Winter storm warnings are posted for tomorrow at 7pm until Wednesday at 7pm. With that comes the hope, hope, hope of a snow day on Wednesday. We have not had one yet this year, and since it is one of the little perks of teaching that I totally look forward to, and love, I'm hopeful that this one might be the one! If we get one, I'm going to sew all day.

The warmth and peace of my house tonight. Husband is out of town at a meeting, two kids off at college, son down in the garage working on cars, as usual, and youngest at a friend's house eating potato soup for dinner. That means I get to eat my favorite dinner without guilt: cereal and toast. I am surrounded by my four furry best friends - three dozing, one chomping on a bone. Couple of cats perched on the back of the couch, and one next to me. I've spent a lot of time putting new books in my queue of my book rental site ( from my "wish list" on Amazon, and deciding which ones I want to read next. I love books so much. I am back up to almost a hundred books on my list of "want to reads." I am SO grateful I love books and reading the way I do. Life feels peaceful right now.

PS - Tomorrow we move dad from the Nursing Home Rehab center to his new, and probably permanent "home," an Assisted Living place more central to all 4 of us kids. It does not appear that it will go well, but for now, I'm remaining positive and hopeful! Good thing I posted now - by tomorrow, it might be harder to be as grateful for things, or to remember that there ARE things I should be grateful for! :)


Allmycke said...

I need to write the same kind of list... One of these days.

Callie said...

Happy Birthday to you! Hope the snowstorm was not too bad where you are. Hope all goes well for your Dad.