Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FLYING COLORS... what I passed my 6 lab station practical hands-on exam with tonight for EMT class. I am pretty darned excited. I still have the written test to go, a week from tomorrow night, but I have a week to prep for that, and I USUALLY do better with written tests than hands on, and I was an absolute nervous wreck tonight before and during the practicals, so I am SOOOO SOOOO glad they are done, and that I did well, even though I was totally and positively convinced I would not. Whew!


Peruby said...

Now that I can post and comment again I wanted to tell you Congratulations! Job well done! And good luck on the written test, too.

Callie said...

Congratulations! Well done... be sure to treat yourself and try not to stress out too much. Good luck!