Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2/18/21 - 5/17/11 I Love You, Dad

‎"May flights of angels lead 
you on your way to paradise 
and heavens eternal day! May
 martyrs greet you after 
deaths' dark night and bid you 
enter into Zion's light!
May choirs of angels sing you 
to your rest with once poor 
Lazarus, now forever blest"

latin gregorian chant


Murphyfish said...

My heart cries for your loss Laurie, know that there are tears spilt for you here across the ocean.

Peruby said...

Sending best thoughts and wishes your way during this time of sorrow.

Jennifer Montero said...

So sorry Laurie. It's worse for us left behind. My own mother died 20 years ago and I think of her every day. You never stop missing them, but it does get easier, so take heart. And remember no one can take all the good memories and experiences from you - those are yours to keep.