Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm Still Here

     I'm fine. Sorry to make anyone think otherwise. I sometimes forget that although I keep a blog just for my own sake, for my own outlet, that occasionally others do read it too.
     Cardiac issues are non-existent. Had an EKG, and a stress test, and all is well. Most likely related more to pulmonary/breathing/lung function issues, which, of course, is now the next avenue to pursue. When I get around to it. I do have pretty bad asthma, and I do end up with lung issues with every time I get a cold - if not full blown pneumonia, then crackly lobes and bronchitis.  I'll get it looked into as I have time to put that at the top of my list.
     I just haven't felt like writing. Plain and simple. No time, and no motivation.  At times I think I will just STOP writing, but then, eventually, the need comes back. As it is now. So, hopefully, if I can make some time soon (ha ha ha ha ha ha.... I crack myself up!), I have a couple of posts to write up and "get back on my game." 


Peruby said...

Whew! That previous post was one heck of a post to keep us hanging on.

So glad you are back and all is well.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Sorry! I really didn't mean to leave any blogging "cliffhangers!"

Fawn said...

I get the time and motivation thing for sure! I'm pretty sure I skipped September entirely on my blog.

Please to have that crackly chest looked at. If it were your daughter with the crackly chest, you'd make the time for it, right?