Saturday, April 21, 2012

Do You Know This Dog???

So apparently, while I wait for my life in Alaska to become clear to new job in the meantime is "puppy rescuer."  A week or two ago I saw on Facebook a post from Death Row Dogs of a gorgeous little Husky girl in a shelter in Brooklyn who was going to be put to death the next day. I spent HOURS and HOURS for the next 24 hours, trying to rescue her. No good explanation as to why she jumped into my life as a necessity- she was just little, and pretty and I didn't want her to be put to sleep. Her face just went immediately to my heart. To make a very long story short, she was, thankfully, reclaimed by her owners in time. Well, must be that started something. Because Thursday night, I was sitting here on the couch, running through the day's Facebook postings (hmmm, see a connection there? Maybe I should just get off Facebook!), and I see this dog below, who is currently a "lost dog." Well, again, to make a long story short, I "rescued" her - with the plan to foster her temporarily until her owners can be found. I have literally done my best to honestly find the real owners, lest you accuse me (as all my friends have) of planning all along to keep her. I'm really not planning to. I don't need 5 dogs. BUT, she's beautiful. She's an Australian Shepherd, and she is SOOO tiny. She's adorable, soft, and SO good natured. She never ever barks, is house trained, is calm, and best of all, she's a snuggler. She has slept on my bed for the past two nights, and I've gone to sleep holding her paw both nights. She follows you all around the house, always wanting to be where you are. If you're peeling potatoes into the garbage can, she stands on her hind legs, front paws on the garbage can, watching you. If you go the bathroom, she goes with you, and lays at your feet. As I type this, she is two inches away from my feet on the living room floor. She loves riding in cars, and follows you out the door if you go. I did have to draw the line at getting into the shower with me, as she would have happily done, but I really didn't think that was best for either of us today.
She is a very, very tiny little copy of my Border Collie, Bramble. I thought, in fact, when I went to pick her up that she WAS a Border Collie. But she has more brown in her, and different fur,different ears and a very different tail. She's definitely an Aussie, and I can't believe someone is not missing her. I have contacted all the Dog Control Officers around here, the Humane Societies, have had friends from different areas repost on their FB pages, have posted her picture in two different On line County Garage Sale pages that TONS of people from my county and the nearby counties use. I don't know what else to do. I feel good about all that I've tried. I honestly have. I'm taking her to my vet Monday to see if possibly she has been microchipped, and I'm contacting a radio station Monday that lists lost and found animals.
That's not what worries me. What worries me is there are a number of people who have already volunteered to give her a home if her owners can't be found. It's one thing to give her back to people she belongs to. It's another to give her up to someone else... why them, why NOT me? But so far, I'm still committed to NOT keeping her. No matter how sweet and snuggly she is. Sigh.

The new little puppy is the one closest to the bottom of the picture. Bramble is farther away, guarding her bones. Don't they look like twins from this angle? She is SO much like Bramble, See the heart shaped white patch on Bramble's head? This little girl has an almost identical one on her head too.


Kim Gibson said...

Okay, that Australian Shepherd is ridiculous cute. Pick me! Pick me! I will take her! Can you ship her to Idaho? She smiles ear to ear like my Lucy (See photo I posted yesterday).

Jennifer Montero said...

You're an enabler! ;) You show me rdidiculously cute dog pics and what happens? We get another one. We got a call from someone getting out of gamekeepering who wanted rid of his cocker spaniel. He was going to shoot it!! I mean, how selfish, after all the work that dog's done (she's only 4 yrs old). We've taken her, she arrives tomorrow. No, we're not keeping her either (sigh...) but we have at least two loving homes who will be grateful to have her.