Saturday, October 2, 2010


I hate to be around unhappy, miserable people;
I hate stewed tomatoes, buttered beets, and milk unless it is soy;
I hate socializing with people:
I hate math:
I hate worrying about money all the time:
I hate cooking:
I hate it when a dog dies:
I hate watching people I love get old:
I hate The Godfather movie on TV:
I hate going to the dentist.

I like laying on my back in the woods with my eyes closed, listening;
I like camping in a tent;
I like corn on the cob with lots of butter and salt;
I like hiking;
I like dogs in general and I like liking different kinds of dogs;
I like good red wine;
I like sleeping;
I like rain on a tin roof;
I like solitude;
I like fires in a fireplace, in a woodstove, or in a campfire ring.

I hate politics;
I hate arguing;
I hate being ignored;
I hate owing money;
I hate being an "only child";
I hate a messy house and a messy yard;
I hate feeling lonely;
I hate coming to the end of a really good book;
I hate working at a job I don't love;
I hate the suffering of any animal.

I like hot coffee first thing in the morning;
I like the first snow;
I like the silence and freedom of dogsledding;
I like Alaska;
I like the mountains, and I like the ocean;
I like red raspberries;
I like chocolate;
I like blue jeans and sweatshirts;
I like the outdoors;
I like tucking chickens in for the night.

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