Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It has rained all day today. Again. And it was cold. The high was 45 degrees. So it's been a cold, steady downpour, all day long. But today? I'm grateful for the rain, because it made coming home to a warm, dry house a wonderful thing.  I'm grateful that I have a warm, dry house to come home TO. Many people don't.
I'm also grateful today for:
  • an early dismissal day (1:00 instead of 3:00) tomorrow at school, because it mixes up our periods and shortens them, and I love ANY day that is "different;"  I've been craving a little excitement or something DIFFERENT lately, and even this is cause for small celebration

  • it's also "Spirit Week" at school this week, because it is Homecoming weekend coming up. THIS means I get to wear jeans and sneakers all week - which totally makes my days better for this week. I'm all for professional wear, and would not CHOOSE to wear jeans to work daily, even if I could, but it IS nice to have a week where I can, and it's acceptable.  It's especially nice since it has been so cold that I can wear jeans and sneaks and sweatshirts, my go-to comfort wear always, and be comfy AND warm enough this week!

  • the fact that my dad was NOT in bed, and NOT sleeping today when I stopped at the nursing home to visit him. Today he was up, in the activity room, playing Yahtzee with several other residents. This is a HUGE step for him. HUGE.

  • I made Jennifer's "stodgy English" Apple Cake recipe last night (http://www.http//milkweedandteasel.blogspot.com/) and it totally looked like it wasn't going to turn out at all, but it did, and I've eaten more than half the pan and can't stop eating it no matter HOW much weight I want to lose; it's THAT GOOD.

  • my daughter and her boyfriend of more than a year broke up Saturday - it's not been an easy break, as one would wish for. It's not been "pretty" and it's not been a good time for her, even though she was ready, and it's been messy, and sad, and a little bit scarey, but I am SO RELIEVED. I have been PRAYING for this for months. He is just SO VERY VERY WRONG for her, and I am SO glad it is done...

  • Two different friends have had dogs inadvertently run away in the past couple weeks, and both were gone weeks - 2 1/2 and 3 - and both dogs have come home; they are both a little worse for wear, but will make it, with some vet attention and a little TLC

  • I am making pumpkin pie oatmeal for dinner tomorrow night, and pumpkin pancakes (I love, love, love pumpkin flavored ANYTHING this time of  year) and both kids who will be home for dinner have said, albeit a bit grudgingly, that they are game for it,. I'm excited!  I love home made oatmeal, and homemade pumpkin pie oatmeal sounds AMAZING!

  • My 28 fifth graders and my 20 6th graders are two awesome groups of students this year. I really, really like them, and it makes teaching them easier, because they are such nice kids. And despite the fact that there are 4 adults in my room, we are all working well together, and I think it is to the benefit of ALL of the kids, and it is, at times, a  HUGE help for me. I like it much better than I anticipated.

  • It's about time to start a new quilt for this winter's project. I'm thinking dark purples and dark blues this year. I am excited to start that. I love picking out quilt fabrics.

  • Um, that's it. Oh, no, wait - it's STILL raining, and I'm now off to bed, and I get to crack the window and listen to the rain as I fall asleep. THAT's always something to be grateful for. I love the rain as I sleep, even if it feels so cold that I'm not sure I won't wake up to snow tomorrow.

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Coloradocasters said...

Gratitude...taking a moment and simply being grateful is something that we could all do more of rather than looking over at the "have-not" pile.

We see more and more things to be grateful for once we take the time to look. Thank you.