Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fun with Chickens

The chicken coop, back in May

                                                                  The chicken coop now
A sign on the door that says "Welcome to the Coop" that my eldest gave me for Mothers' Day, and another round tin sign above the window that says "Lay or Bust.
This guy below is the one rooster who managed to avoid being caught when I gathered up the other 5 roos and sent them to a farm in the country where they will probably be dinner. I'm now glad he didn't go, too, as I have decided I really like him. He's pretty quiet and unassuming for a rooster, but takes good care of his girls.

 Copper Marans girl... they lay dark brown eggs, and are very gentle and sweet. They should all start laying any day now... can't wait!

"The one in the forefront is the one who always escapes the run, somehow, but then waits for me to pick her up and put her back in the coop at night. She's a snuggler, nestling down in my arms and letting me hold her and hug her and sing to her before tucking her back in the coop.

THIS is my current coop work-in-progress... the small driveway coop.

Unfortunately, my younger son decided to replace the transmission and engine in his truck, in the driveway, right now, next to where I am trying to wrestle this coop into shape for the Swedish Flower Hens that need to move in there.

It's not pretty at the moment, but it WILL be. I will be finished with that one shortly, and will post another picture. These silly SFH's really NEED to get out of this tub. My porch smells, and they are NOT HAPPY with the lack of room.  I don't blame them a bit.
 No idea how many hens or roos yet, but still just thrilled to pieces that we were able to get these to hatch, and that they are so healthy. 10 out of 12 fertile eggs hatched, and 9 out of 10 lived and are super healthy. You can start to see their unusual spotting coming through. I have some beautiful colors in the bunch, and I'm just so darn excited to finally own some of these birds. When I first discovered them at Greenfire Farms, in Florida, a few years ago, they were SO rare in the US that a breeding pair was $250.00. OUCH. Out of my price league. I happened to look this spring, and a single day old is now down to $20.00, making a breeding pair now only $40.00.  But then, a dozen eggs was $50.00, and I ended up with 9, so I'm beyond pleased.
Can't wait to watch these babies grow! 


Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Years ago when I raised chickens (in Florida by the way) I think they were all just generic chickens. Yours are cute. I'd raise them now except we have too may Foxes in the neighborhood.

GK said...

JUST saw this post and LOVE IT! You make chicks & roo's seem ever so interesting. ALWAYS teaching aren't you me lady ? Hugs from G&M

Richard said...

I love chickens and it's great when looking for its eggs every morning.