Friday, May 4, 2012

Dog Love

Busy weekend ahead. Fun, though. Looking forward to some hard work, and some GREAT Border Collie time.  Spending the weekend volunteering at Glen Highland Farms, Sweet Border Collie Rescue, which is about 3.5 hours away from my home. I have been fascinated and intrigued by this awesome looking place ever since I got Bramble. I feel a little badly that I'm leaving my own 5 dogs this weekend to go play with and work for others, but... these dogs do not have a forever home yet, like my own 5 lucky dogs. So, if my own are a little lonely this weekend, and not quite as spoiled (by my kids who are taking care of them) as they are used to, for two days, I think they'll survive. I hope I can spread some warm fuzzy love to the babies living at "The Farm," and come home with loads of Border Collie love.

 I made sure that I would get to spend the nights with at least one BC in my bed, and tonight, I get Kye (below).

Not sure who I will get tomorrow night, but if you look at the "Dogs Available for Adoption," there are tons of them there, and all are beautiful. I can't wait to go throw some balls, feed some babies, scrub rooms, and just love on some pups, or whatever it is that needs doing this weekend. The work, physical outdoor work, will be an awesome change of pace from sitting home doing laundry and lesson plans all weekend, and the solitude of a weekend on my own is also inviting...(although I AM missing my niece's baby shower, which I didn't know about until after I had already committed to these plans back at the beginning of March, and that makes me sad to miss...)

I also have been asked to bring "Alfie" from the Farm to meet up with his adoptive parents, meeting them half way on my way home. 

That means this little guy will get to keep me company for two hours on the way home. Looking forward to that as well.

I will take lots of pictures this weekend. My Border Collie love is different from my husky love, waaay different, but I seem to have a "thing" for the more challenging breeds. Much like I frequently seem to click with the more challenging kids at school a lot of the time. I wonder why, since patience is not necessarily one of my greater virtues, and I can tend to be on the lazy side, almost, at times, preferring sedentary pursuits... you'd think a lazy aging old mutt would be more my speed!

Border Collies and Alaskan Huskies really both just speak to my heart, to my dreams, different dreams, I guess.   Love them both, for different reasons, at different times. I feel fairly certain there are MANY breeds I COULD fall in love with, given the opportunity. In fact, I'm really not sure there is ANY dog I couldn't love at least a little bit, and, most likely, a lot.  Dog Love. It's just a good thing. <3


From the Country Farm said...

I hear that! Wait til you meet my dane! he's awesome especially fond of people who love dogs and works hard to make those who don't change their minds... he's amazing. I may have mentioned that...

Fawn said...

I love the picture of "Alfie" running! It is so postively joyous! Have a great time with the rescue dogs.