Friday, October 21, 2011


 Concord Grapes. Did you know they grow on trees in Western New York?  Well, at least in MY back yard they do. Look closely. Can you see them there, hanging overtop of the bird house, in the tree above my fence?  What? You've never heard of tree-grapes before?  Never planted a grape tree?

 Yeah, me either. But I AM lucky enough that the neighbor's vines, behind my fence, grow up OVER my fence, and on up into my trees. Except that the higher they grow, the harder they are to pick!

But they are oh-so-sweet, and make the best jam ever. And since my neighbor works even harder than I do, and has less time off, and not enough time to use them all, I'm free to claim as many of them as I want. I think THIS weekend will involve some home made grape jam, some home made grape JUICE, and some grape pie.
Grapes growing in trees in my back yard. One of the sweetest things about fall in my area. Literally!


Meg said...

Jam? You should be making WINE!

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

We have enough wine bubbling away in carboys here as it is... and I don't relish the idea of grape stomping with my bare feet to make my own juice! Jam it is!