Saturday, June 11, 2011

OH! There You Are, Melanie Gould!

     I don't know any details yet, and I'm not sure how many, if any, we'll ever know, but Melanie WAS found safe and alive today, after having been missing for 11 days.   I have no idea what the "story" is, but I am relieved and grateful that God answered that prayer for so many thousands of people. I hope and pray that all will be well with her.


Jennifer Montero said...

phew! I have been checking back regularly and I'm so glad she's been found alive and well.

And I like the new typeface / design. Looks great!

Meg said...

I thought I was at the wrong blog for a second - I like the new look! Glad to hear that she is alive & well. It's such a rarity that those stories have happy endings, so whatever the story is, this is a blessing.

Callie said...

Glad she was found and has such good friends.