Monday, January 17, 2011

Brain Stretch

     So that small pile of three books there - a text, a workbook, and a little review "bible" =  $126.00   Thank goodness the fire department pays for them, in return for being a volunteer EMT for them when you finish. I also had to have a physical, which was fine, except for the update needed to the tetanus shot (ugh), the first of three Hep B shots (THAT stuff burns like crazy going in, making the tetanus the LESS painful of the two shots, oddly enough) , and needing to go "give" some blood for the MMR titer, and if that is not current, then I need more of those as well. THAT sucks. (My 17 year old son, who I am taking the class with, sat in the doctors office worrying himself to death about maybe having to get a shot himself, and then finally announced to me that if he had to get one, he thought maybe he just would drop the class. I thought that rather ironic, that he would be willing to work to save someone's life, but NOT willing to get a tetanus shot??? Luckily for both of us, he didn't need any updates, and we're both still in the class.)
     First module test is tomorrow night, the first 5 chapters of that NYC phonebook-sized text on Emergency Care. It is not nearly as overwhelming at the moment as it seemed it would be the first night. I am "getting it," mostly, except for Chapter 4, The Human Body.  Holy cow. What IS it about bone names: femur, tibia, fibula, radius, ulna that makes me unable to remember where they go in my body? Not only that, that's not the hard part. The thing I am TOTALLY not hanging onto yet, and need to by tomorrow night, is trying to use the terms to describe where an injury on a patient's body:  midline, medial, lateral, bilateral mid-axillary, anterior, posterior, ventral, dorsal, superior, inferior, proximal, distal etc., etc.
      I think it is because it requires putting several pieces together at once: I have to remember if it is the front or back, upper or lower, and the name of it - and if I could just say it is on the inside of his upper left arm, that would be ok, but I have to take THAT knowledge, and then, mentally transfer it to it's proper names, and put them all together, like "it's a broken tibia on the anterior dorsal side, medial to the whatchamacallit."  And for someone with ADD, that's a lot of steps to think out, and say, quickly and calmly. Hopefully, with practice, that will come. Either that, or I'm simply praying no one in my town EVER suffers a broken bone - only heart attacks and stomach pains.
Just kidding. Maybe. I'll see if I'm kidding AFTER tomorrow night's test!!


Allmycke said...

Now that's something to bite down on! Keeping my fingers crossed that you'll pass the test.

Murphyfish said...

Best of luck with the test me dear, keeping everything crossed for you.
Regards, John

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of EMTs!

If it's any comfort, Hep B shots 2 and 3 tradionally hurt less (don't know why), and after this exam about all you have to remember is Femur, Dorsal, Distal and the difference between Prone and Supine (at least that's all I've seen on the "big" tests (and I've been certified since 1993).

If you flip forward in your book and look at the gruesome injury pictures and can still deal with the idea of becoming an EMT, you will make it. Remember, your instructors want more EMTs out there and want you to pass (I know, I was an aide). It's an incredibly rewarding experience. Best of luck!

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

THANKS, all. Will let you know!

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Sara - No problems with any of the pictures, TOO much, except the "degloved penis" (I can't even IMAGINE...) and I do have trouble with the needle that goes all the way through the foot. A few of them make me want to throw up , but not too bad, so I MIGHT make it. The jury is still out on that aspect of it all!