Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Sick of being Sick

Deathly ill. AGAIN. I'm sick so often people at school hear my voice and say "Are you STILL sick?" and the answer really is, "No, not still. Just again." It's always the same thing. A head cold turns into a chest cold turns into bronchitis, almost immediately, and then, if I'm really lucky, like last month, it even turns into pneumonia. This one came on fast and hard. So, do I go to Urgent Care tonight, and check it out since I feel REALLY bad already (no letting THIS one drag out 6 weeks I guess) - my lungs feel like they're on fire, my side already hurts from coughing so much for two days, my ear is so full of pressure it feels like it is going to burst, and my throat hurts from trying to talk and teach. All I want to do is lay my body down in bed and sleep for the next 24 hours. I ache. But, it's probably too soon, and they will just tell me I have a cold, or the "flu" or whatever. I guess I will do what I always do - just suck it up and tough it out. The only difference is this time I feel really bad, already. Maybe it's lack of resistance. Maybe, because I have been sick since the beginning of school with only a week of two of wellness following that nasty antibiotic last time, maybe I start out where I left off. Maybe I don't get to build back up to it this time. Someone once told me that in teaching your health cycles every seven years - that once every seven years you catch simply EVERYTHING going around. I don't know if that's true, because I can't remember seven years ago. I do wonder why my weakness is always respiratory and why it seems like I am almost always sick. Why do I have such a weak immune system? Is there anything I can do for it? Would taking a daily vitamin and eating Vitamin C on a daily basis really make a difference? If I thought it would help, I would. If it's a "it can't hurt" sort of thing, forget it. I already take too much medicine, and don't want more unless it's DEFINITELY going to help. Kinda like exercise. People say if you exercise, your overall health will be better, and "it can't hurt, right?" Wrong. Exercise DOES hurt. I HATE exercising. If you promised me that walking two miles a day would prevent this illness, both in severity and frequency, then I would consider it. If it's a wing and a prayer, never mind. I'll stay warm, fat, sick, and relatively happy, thanks. I would like some Vicks Vapor Rub for my chest tonight, though.